Sterling Silver Saddles
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      by George Pitman (Collector and Independent Appraiser for Christie's Auction House)

There is nothing like a gorgeous three dimensional silver parade outfit to knock your boots off when seen in the right setting and lighting.  Whether seen on the parade route or in the home, these magnificent works of art are still the material of dreams.         

The silver saddles that I collect are the earthy stuff of exciting fantasies.  There is no way to not notice them.  They have brilliance, sparkle, and presence.  The silver shines in the sunlight as you see the classy horses passing by during the greatest of parades.


I grew up in Pasadena, California and as a child loved the Rose Parade and all the Saturday afternoon Westerns, enjoying glimpses of all the silver parade saddles ridden by all the silver screen cowboys. 

I rode my own horses from the age of five and later rode in the Pasadena Rose Parade sitting tall and proud on a Bohlin made silver parade saddle.  With this background, I came to collecting silver parade saddles quite honestly.  I love things that are outlandish and outrageous - the more so the better.

Almost all of the sterling parade saddles were made in California from 1925 through 1955 by ten different firms as fully set forth herein.  Labor was inexpensive then and there were expert craftsmen around to do the work.  I know of no one making silver parade outfits today, because of the tremendous cost to make them and of course, the scarcity of fine silver craftsmen.  I'm afraid the art is all but lost forever.

The two premier firms, located in California, whose silver outfits stood well above the rest and commanded the highest prices, were the Edward H. Bohlin Co. and the Frank H. Coenen Co.  They both emphasized quality above all else.  


George Pitman, " I am most anxious to purchase additional Bohlin made Silver Parade Saddles or equipment for our great museum. I am able to pay Top Dollar rather than the lower dealer prices. Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or drop me a line at G.Pitman Museum. I look forward to hearing from you!" 

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